Web-Safe Palette

A standard palette was created to determine the range of colors that could be displayed on all computers.

Limited palette

Earlier computers had 8-bit displays that were only able to display 256 colors. When a color in an image was found that the computer was unable to display, it used the closest available color, or dithered two available colors to create the appearance that they were one color. Many attempted to create a 'standard' palette as a guide to display compatibility. In the end a color table was created that consisted of 216 web-safe colors.

This is the palette of colors available on all computers with a color display.
*000* 300 600 900 C00 *F00*
*003* 303 603 903 C03 *F03*
006 306 606 906 C06 F06
009 309 609 909 C09 F09
00C 30C 60C 90C C0C F0C
*00F* 30F 60F 90F C0F *F0F*
030 330 630 930 C30 F30
033 333 633 933 C33 F33
036 336 636 936 C36 F36
039 339 639 939 C39 F39
03C 33C 63C 93C C3C F3C
03F 33F 63F 93F C3F F3F
060 360 660 960 C60 F60
063 363 663 963 C63 F63
066 366 666 966 C66 F66
069 369 669 969 C69 F69
06C 36C 66C 96C C6C F6C
06F 36F 66F 96F C6F F6F
090 390 690 990 C90 F90
093 393 693 993 C93 F93
096 396 696 996 C96 F96
099 399 699 999 C99 F99
09C 39C 69C 99C C9C F9C
09F 39F 69F 99F C9F F9F
0C0 3C0 6C0 9C0 CC0 FC0
0C3 3C3 6C3 9C3 CC3 FC3
0C6 3C6 6C6 9C6 CC6 FC6
0C9 3C9 6C9 9C9 CC9 FC9
*0F0* 3F0 *6F0* 9F0 CF0 *FF0*
0F3 *3F3* *6F3* 9F3 CF3 *FF3*
*0F6* *3F6* 6F6 9F6 *CF6* *FF6*
0F9 3F9 6F9 9F9 CF9 FF9
*0FF* *3FF* *6FF* 9FF CFF *FFF*

The "really safe" palette

The color table was designed with an 8-bit display in mind, as it was the most common kind of its time. However, there were many others who used 16-bit displays, and these colors remapped inconsistently on those displays. Developers David Lehn and Hadley Stern discovered that only 22 of the 216 colors in the color table palette could remap reliably on 16-bit computer displays. They called these 22 colors the "really safe" palette. Most of it is shades of blue, green and yellow.

These were the 22 colors that could remap consistently on 16-bit computer displays.
0 3 6 9 C F
00 *000* *F00*
03 *003* *F03*
0F *00F* *F0F*
F0 *0F0* *6F0* *FF0*
F3 *3F3* *6F3* *FF3*
F6 *0F6* *3F6* *CF6* *FF6*
FC *0FC* *3FC*
FF *0FF* *3FF* *6FF* *FFF*

Sources: Web safe colors - Wikipedia

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